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Great to see your edits, unfortunately there seems to be a problem with your browser, so the encoding of the text broke. So unfortunately I had to revert your work. Wanna try again? Maybe try in another browser? [[Utilisateur:Guaka|Guaka]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Guaka|discussion]]) 6 Juko 2019 à 11:31 (UTC)
== 𞤀𞤤𞤬𞤢 𞤴𞤢𞥄𞤴𞤢𞥄 𞤶𞤢𞤤𞥆𞤮 𞤳𞤮 𞤤𞤢𞤥𞤯𞤮 𞤣𞤭𞥅𞤱𞤢𞤤 𞤤𞤢𞤦𞤫 𞤱𞤮𞤲𞥆𞤮 ==
‮𞤀𞤤𞤬𞤢𞥄 𞤒𞤢𞥄𞤴𞤢𞥄 𞤔𞤢𞤤𞥆𞤮 𞤳𞤮 𞤤𞤢𞤥𞤯𞤮 𞤣𞤭𞥅𞤱𞤢𞤤 𞤂𞤢𞤦𞤫 𞤱𞤮𞤲𞥆𞤮𞥅, 𞤬𞤫𞤱𞤲'𞤣𞤮 𞤣𞤢𞤱𞤤𞤢 𞤢𞤤𞤧𞤭𞤤𞤢𞥄𞤥𞤢𞥄𞤳𞤵 𞤊𞤵𞥅𞤼𞤢 𞤔𞤢𞤤𞤮𞥅. 𞤁𞤭𞥅𞤱𞤢𞤤 𞤂𞤢𞤦𞤫 𞤲'𞤺𞤢𞤤 𞤤𞤢𞥄𞤼𞤭𞤲𞤮 𞤬𞤢𞤴𞤣𞤢 𞤬𞤫𞤷𞥆𞤫𞤪𞤫 𞤊𞤵𞥅𞤼𞤢 𞤔𞤢𞤤𞤮𞥅, 𞤸𞤢𞤳𞥆𞤫𞥅 𞤳𞤮 𞤲'𞤺𞤢𞤤 𞤴𞤢𞥄𞤶𞤵𞤲𞤮𞥅, 𞤼𞤫𞤲𞤼𞤭𞥅 𞤩𞤢𞥄𞤱𞤮 𞤣𞤢𞤸𞤵𞤺𞤮𞤤 𞤤𞤫𞤴𞤯𞤫𞥅𞤤𞤫 𞤶𞤢𞤲𞤢𞤲𞤫 𞤱𞤢𞤲𞤮 𞤤𞤫𞤴𞤣𞤭 𞤅𞤫𞤩𞥆𞤫 (𞤃𞤢𞤲𞤣𞤭𞤲𞤳𞤮𞥅𞤩𞤫) 𞤐'𞤘𞤢𞥄𞤦𞤵.
𞤌 𞤶𞤭𞤦𞤭𞤲𞤢𞥄 𞤫 𞤸𞤭𞤼𞤢𞥄𞤲'𞤣𞤫 𞥑𞥘𞥕𞥐, 𞤺𞤫𞤯𞤢𞤤 𞤑𞤵𞤥𞤢𞤲𞤷𞤮 𞤩𞤭𞤯𞥆𞤮 𞤣𞤫𞤦𞥆𞤮 𞤤𞤢𞤥𞤯𞤮 𞤐'𞤘𞤢𞥄𞤦𞤵 𞤮𞤲 𞤔𞤢𞤲𞤳𞤫 𞤏𞤢𞥄𞤤𞤭. 𞤌 𞤫𞤼𞤭𞥅 𞤧𞤮𞤪𞤼𞤵𞤺𞤮𞤤 𞤣𞤭𞥅𞤱𞤢𞤤 𞤥𞤢𞤳𞥆𞤮 𞤲'𞤺𞤢𞤤 𞤫 𞤤𞤢𞥄𞤥𞤵 𞤚𞤭𞤥𞤦𞤮 𞤲'𞤺𞤵𞤲. 𞤌 𞤼𞤢𞤱𞤢𞤲𞤮 𞤫 𞤶𞤢𞤲𞤬𞤭𞥅𞤩𞤫 𞤀𞤤𞤥𞤢𞥄𞤥𞤭 𞤄𞤮𞥅𞤳𞤢𞤪 𞤄𞤭𞤪𞤮 𞤩𞤫𞤲. 𞤐'𞤁𞤫 𞤮 𞤼𞤢𞤱𞤲𞤮𞥅 𞤊𞤢𞤪𞤢𞤲𞤧𞤭𞥅𞤩𞤫 𞤩𞤫𞤲 𞤫𞤩𞥆𞤭𞥅 𞤣𞤢𞤸𞤵𞤺𞤮𞤤 𞤊𞤵𞥅𞤼𞤢 𞤴𞤫𞤱𞤢 𞤤𞤢𞥄𞤥𞤵 𞤀𞤤𞤥𞤢𞥄𞤥𞤭𞥅𞤩𞤫 𞤩𞤫𞤲, 𞤮 𞤲'𞤣𞤢𞥄𞤪𞤭 𞤲𞤮 𞤮 𞤺𞤮𞤤𞥆𞤭𞤣𞤭𞤪𞤢 𞤫 𞤥𞤢𞤩𞥆𞤫 𞤬𞤭𞥅 𞤲𞤮 𞤮 𞤣𞤢𞤲𞤣𞤭𞤪𞤢 𞤤𞤢𞥄𞤥𞤵 𞤥𞤢𞤳𞥆𞤮 𞤲'𞤺𞤵𞤲. 𞤑𞤮 𞤲'𞤣𞤫𞤲 𞤬𞤢𞤤𞤶𞤫𞤪𞤫 𞤥𞤢𞤱𞤲'𞤣𞤫 𞤸𞤫𞤩𞤵𞤲𞤮𞥅 𞤢𞤪𞤣𞤭𞥅𞤩𞤫 𞤊𞤵𞥅𞤼𞤢 𞤩𞤫𞤲 𞤸𞤫𞥅𞤱𞤩𞤫 𞤫 𞤲'𞤺𞤵𞤲 𞤶𞤢𞤥𞤢𞥄𞤲𞤵: 𞤩𞤫 𞤢𞤲𞤣𞤢𞥄 𞤬𞤫𞥅𞤪𞤫 𞤦𞤮𞤲𞤣𞤫 𞤊𞤢𞤪𞤢𞤲𞤧𞤭𞥅𞤩𞤫 𞤩𞤫𞤲 𞤳𞤮 "𞤣𞤭𞤾𞤭𞥅𞤶𞥈𞤫𞥅 𞤨𞤵𞤪 𞤪𞤫𞥅𞤻𞤫𞥅" (𞤱𞤢𞤣𞥆𞤭𞤲'𞤣𞤭𞤪𞤢 𞤤𞤢𞥄𞤥𞤮𞥅), 𞤫 𞤥𞤢𞥄𞤲𞤢𞥄 𞤳𞤮 𞤢𞤣𞥆𞤵𞤺𞤮𞤤 𞤤𞤵𞤪𞥆𞤢𞤤 𞤸𞤢𞤳𞥆𞤵𞤲'𞤣𞤫 𞤩𞤭𞤩𞥆𞤫 𞤤𞤫𞤴𞤣𞤭 𞤲𞤣𞤭𞤲 𞤬𞤭𞥅 𞤲𞤮 𞤶𞤮𞤯𞥆𞤭𞤲𞤭𞤪𞤢 𞤲'𞤶𞤢𞤺𞥆𞤵 𞤥𞤵𞤲 𞤫 𞤸𞤮𞥅𞤪𞤫 𞤥𞤢𞤩𞥆𞤫. 𞤐'𞤁𞤫 𞤊𞤢𞤪𞤢𞤲𞤧𞤭𞥅𞤩𞤫 𞤩𞤫𞤲 𞤬𞤮𞥅𞤤𞤵𞤲𞤮𞥅 𞤄𞤮𞥅𞤳𞤢𞤪 𞤄𞤭𞤪𞤮 𞤳𞤢 𞤸𞤢𞤪𞤫 𞤆𞤮𞥅𞤪𞤫𞤣𞤢𞥄𞤳𞤢 𞤫 𞤸𞤭𞤼𞤢𞥄𞤲'𞤣𞤫 𞥑𞥘𞥙𞥖 𞤩𞤫 𞤭𞤥𞥆𞤢𞤲𞤭𞥅 𞤬𞤮𞤤𞥆𞤭𞤪𞤺𞤮𞤤 𞤤𞤢𞤥𞤩𞤫 𞤣𞤭𞥅𞤱𞤫 𞤱𞤢𞤤𞥆𞤵𞤲𞤮𞥅𞤩𞤫 𞤩𞤫 𞤺𞤮𞥅𞤼𞤮 𞤺𞤮𞥅𞤼𞤮 𞤳𞤢𞤻𞤵𞤲 𞤫 𞤧𞤫𞥅𞤳𞤵𞤺𞤮𞤤 𞤤𞤫𞤴𞤯𞤫 𞤥𞤢𞤩𞥆𞤫 𞤯𞤫𞤲 𞤱𞤢𞤼𞥆𞤢 𞤨𞤢𞤼𞥆𞤢𞤤𞤮𞤴 𞤨𞤢𞤼𞥆𞤢𞤤𞤮𞤴. 𞤉 𞤸𞤭𞤼𞤢𞥄𞤲'𞤣𞤫 𞥑𞥙𞥐𞥕 𞤩𞤫 𞤶𞤢𞤲𞤬𞤭𞥅 𞤀𞤤𞤬𞤢𞥄 𞤒𞤢𞥄𞤴𞤢𞥄 𞤩𞤫 𞤫𞤺𞥆𞤭𞤲𞤭𞤪𞤭-𞤥𞤮 𞤁𞤢𞤸𞤮𞤥𞤫. 𞤇𞤢𞥄𞤱𞤮 𞤯𞤵𞤲 𞤩𞤫 𞤢𞤪𞤼𞤭𞤪𞤭 𞤥𞤮 𞤊𞤵𞥅𞤼𞤢 𞤳𞤮𞤲𞤮 𞤮 𞤬𞤵𞤯𞥆𞤭𞥅 𞤫𞤩𞥆𞤭𞤲'𞤣𞤢𞥄𞤣𞤫 𞤬𞤭𞥅 𞤣𞤢𞤪𞤼𞤢𞤺𞤮𞤤 𞤤𞤢𞥄𞤥𞤵 𞤆𞤮𞤪𞤼𞤮 𞤲'𞤺𞤵𞤲 𞤼𞤵𞤲⹁ 𞤆𞤮𞤪𞤼𞤮𞥅𞤩𞤫 𞤩𞤫𞤲 𞤸𞤵𞤤𞤭 𞤣𞤢𞤪𞤶𞤢 𞤥𞤢𞤳𞥆𞤮 𞤮𞤲⹁ 𞤸𞤵𞤤𞤭 𞤱𞤮𞤼𞤢 𞤮 𞤥𞤵𞤪𞤼𞤭𞤲 𞤤𞤫𞤴𞤣𞤭 𞤲'𞤣𞤭𞤲. 𞤇𞤫 𞤲𞤢𞤲𞤺𞤭𞤼𞤭 𞤥𞤮 𞤩𞤫 𞤫𞤺𞥆𞤭𞤲𞤭𞤪𞤭 𞤥𞤮 𞤲'𞤺𞤮𞤤 𞤯𞤮𞥅 𞤤𞤢𞥄𞤱𞤮𞤤 𞤃𞤮𞤪𞤭𞤼𞤢𞤲𞤭. 𞤑𞤮 𞤯𞤮𞤲 𞤮 𞤬𞤢𞥄𞤼𞤭𞥅 𞤫 𞤸𞤭𞤼𞤢𞥄𞤲'𞤣𞤫 𞥑𞥙𞥑𞥒. 𞥑𞥙𞥖𞥙 𞤤𞤢𞥄𞤥𞤵 PDG (𞤅𞤫𞥅𞤳𞤵 𞤚𞤵𞥅𞤪𞤫𞥅) 𞤢𞤪𞤼𞤭𞤪𞤭 𞤬𞤵𞤪𞤫𞥅 𞤥𞤢𞤳𞥆𞤮 𞤮𞤲 𞤳𞤢𞤲𞤳𞤮 𞤫 𞤀𞤤𞤥𞤢𞥄𞤥𞤭 𞤅𞤢𞥄𞤥𞤮𞤪𞤭 𞤘𞤭𞤲𞤫. 𞤖𞤭𞤩𞤫 𞤦𞤫𞤤𞤲𞤢𞥄 𞤦𞤫𞤪𞤯𞤫 𞤑𞤢𞤥𞤫𞤪𞤵𞤲 𞤳𞤢 𞤤𞤢𞥄𞤥𞤮𞤪𞤣𞤫 𞤑𞤮𞤲𞤢𞥄𞤳𞤭𞤪𞤭. 𞤒𞤭𞤥𞤪𞤫 𞤲'𞤺𞤫𞤲𞤣𞤭𞤴𞤢𞤲𞤳𞤮𞥅𞤪𞤫 ( 𞤂𞤭𞤥𞤲𞤧𞤭𞤴𞤮𞤲𞤢𞤤 ) 𞤘𞤭𞤲𞤫 𞤲'𞤣𞤫𞤲 𞤳𞤮 𞤫 𞤺𞤭𞤥𞤮𞤤 "𞤁𞤫𞥅𞤥𞤢𞤲𞤳𞤢𞤲" 𞤼𞤵𞥅𞤺𞤭𞥅: 𞤳𞤮 𞤶𞤫𞤤𞤭𞥅𞤩𞤫 𞤃𞤢𞤲𞤣𞤭𞤲𞤳𞤮𞥅𞤩𞤫 𞤴𞤭𞤥𞤢𞤲𞥆𞤮𞥅 𞤀𞤤𞤬𞤢𞥄 𞤒𞤢𞥄𞤴𞤢𞥄 𞤲'𞤺𞤮𞤤 𞤺𞤭𞤥𞤮𞤤. 𞤖𞤢𞤲𞤣𞤫 𞤸𞤢𞤲𞤣𞤫 𞤘𞤭𞤲𞤫 𞤲𞤮 𞤧𞤫𞤥𞤦𞤭𞤲𞤭 𞤬𞤭𞥅 𞤀𞤤𞤬𞤢𞥄 𞤒𞤢𞥄𞤴𞤢𞥄 𞤰𞤫𞤼𞥆𞤭𞤪𞤭 𞤥𞤮 𞤱𞤢 𞤽𞤢𞤲𞤢𞥄𞤶𞤮 𞤤𞤫𞤴𞤣𞤭 𞤲'𞤣𞤭𞤲 𞤥𞤢𞤱𞤯𞤮 𞤳𞤮𞤲𞤮 𞤼𞤢𞥄𞤪𞤭𞥅𞤳𞤢 𞤥𞤢𞤳𞥆𞤮 𞤮𞤲 𞤸𞤮𞤤𞥆𞤭𞤼𞤭𞥅 𞤱𞤮𞤲𞤣𞤫 𞤸𞤭𞤥𞤮 𞤼𞤢𞤱𞤢𞥄 𞤫 𞤦𞤮𞤲𞥆𞤵𞤲𞤮𞥅𞤩𞤫 𞤣𞤢𞤱𞤤𞤢 𞤥𞤮 𞤑𞤢𞤪𞤢𞤥𞤮𞤳𞤮 𞤀𞤤𞤬𞤢𞥄 𞤧𞤭𞤲𞤷𞤵𞤲𞤮𞥅 𞤮𞤲 𞤧𞤢𞤦𞤵 𞤳𞤮 𞤤𞤵𞤪𞥆𞤫 𞤫 𞤶𞤢𞤲𞤬𞤢𞥄𞤶𞤭 𞤸𞤢𞤳𞥆𞤵𞤲'𞤣𞤫 𞤴𞤫𞥅𞤧𞤮𞥅𞤩𞤫 𞤊𞤵𞥅𞤼𞤢 𞤩𞤫𞤲 𞤼𞤮 𞤹𞤢𞤪𞤲𞤵 𞥑𞥙𞤢𞤩𞤮 𞤤𞤮'𞤭𞤲𞤭 𞤼𞤵𞤺𞤢𞥄𞤤𞤫 𞤮𞤲 𞤣𞤢𞤱𞤤𞤢 𞤵𞤣𞥆𞤭𞤼𞤢𞤲𞤭 𞤳𞤮𞤤𞤮𞤲𞤢𞥄𞤳𞤵 𞤤𞤢𞥄𞤱𞤮𞤤. [[Utilisateur:Seydou dicko|Seydou dicko]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Seydou dicko|discussion]]) 7 Juko 2019 à 17:29 (UTC)