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I propose that the Adlam alphabet pages be created as prefixed subpages to prevent the article counter double-counting those pages.
Let me know of your thoughts. --[[Utilisateur:DaveZ123|DaveZ123]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:DaveZ123|yeewtu]]) 24 Seeɗto 2020 à 17:46 (UTC)
:I have included Fula as part of [https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikipedias_in_multiple_writing_systems#Latin_-_Adlam_converter this list] of languages which are written in multiple writing systems.
:I recommend that the Latin to Adlam alphabet converter be installed on Fula Wikipedia to enable all Fula articles here to be readable in the Adlam alphabet at the click of a tab (eg. [[:sr:|Serbian Wikipedia]], [[:ku:|Kurdish Wikipedia]]). --[[Utilisateur:DaveZ123|DaveZ123]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:DaveZ123|yeewtu]]) 25 Seeɗto 2020 à 03:56 (UTC)
[[File:Kurdish Multiiscript tab.png|left|thumb|600px|Kurdish Wikipedia Latin to Arabic feature.]]